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cordyceps superblend

40g jar / 30 x 1.33g servings / One teaspoon = one serving


Unlock a natural boost in performance without the jitters with this Cordyceps Mushroom superblend.

Sustained, natural energy without the jitters

Helps to reduce tiredness and improve mental alertness

Promotes a sense of calm and helps to manage stress

Research-backed, clinically-dosed ingredients

Enhance Focus, Improve Mental Clarity & Reduce Stress

Research-Backed, Clinically-Dosed Ingredients

100% Natural & Made in The UK

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"I love including Focus in my daily routine, as being neuro-divergent, focus is something I can really struggle with."

Sarah Ann Macklin - ANutr

Sarah Ann Macklin - Registered Associate Nutritionist

10:1 Dual-Extracted Cordyceps Mushroom


Zero Sugar

Vegan & Gluten-Free


Paleo &