We’re on a mission to get the world onto the mushroom movement.

It’s simple: our founders discovered the cheat-code benefits of the world’s most powerful ancient mushrooms, the effortless advantage of taking them to improve their day-to-day lives, and now we want you to be a part of it.

Brothers Jesse and Ryan birthed Bloomin following a challenging year. With Jesse working in a high-pressure job putting on music events around the world, he was finding himself increasingly burnt out. Unable to juggle the trials and wins of an exhausting career with the necessary focus required to perform at the top of his game, Jesse’s vision of living out his dream job and busy lifestyle became difficult to maintain.

At the same time, Jesse’s brother Ryan was searching for a boost. As a professional triathlete - training for and competing in some of the world’s hardiest challenges including Ironman and other long-distance championships - Ryan had hit a wall with his own performance levels, but more on a physical level than a mental one. The two brothers decided to put their heads together and devise a collective solution, but with some crucial non-negotiables in mind: non-synthetic (no nasties), preventative on health ailments rather than just treating symptoms, and real results yielded with consistency through small, incremental change.

That’s when they unearthed the power of mushrooms and their historical impact.

With thousands of years of evidence available proclaiming the benefits of fungi in holistic culture, they decided to take the research further, speaking to natural medicine experts and consultants about what could be done to boost the effects. With Ryan experiencing new sporting personal bests from taking Cordyceps and Jesse relishing vivid mental clarity from Lion’s Mane, they took it upon themselves to create dedicated blends to treat all the key concerns of modern living. Months of fine-tuning their additional synergistic herbs and superfoods led to four fully organic formulations.

With their small but mighty coffee shop Grow&Grind on hand to test out the formulations with the early-morning risers who pass by after dipping in the sea on the humble coast of Porthcawl, the brothers cemented their final pillars of mushroom-based healing.

FOCUS for your mind, BOOST for your energy and BREATHE for your relaxation.

It’s never been so easy to join the mushroom movement.

Power up your body and mind with adaptogenic mushroom, herb and superfood blends.

Clinically-dosed, 100% natural blends

Made in the UK

No bulking agents or nasties