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Focus Hospitality Starter Pack



Includes everything you need to start selling Bloomin in your hospitality business. 12 month shelf life and can be stored ambient.

2 x 'Focus' Bottle - 93 servings

Dedicated account manager

Monthly recipes and product support

Staff fact sheet, A5 till topper, table talker

300%+ return per bottle

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

1-2 Day Express Shipping

What's the science behind it?

How does it taste?

What's the shelf life?

Shipping & Guarantee

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Thousands of Bloomin Mushroom Drinks Sold per Week

Join businesses like Black Sheep Coffee selling thousands of Lion’s Mane Lattes a week. Don’t stop at coffee though, the possibilities are endless with Bloomin blends: create stress-busting smoothies, functional chais, mushroom matchas, and more.

"Our customers are loving the new Bloomin mushroom drinks! Sales of the Lion's Mane Latte have increased month on month and we couldn't be happier. Our only regret is that we didn’t launch it sooner!"

Black Sheep Coffee

The World's First Liquid Mushroom Shots for Hospitality

bloomin focus jar and pumpshot


lion's mane mushroom superblend

Helps to enhance daily focus, combat brain fog and reduce stress.


Lion's Mane Mushroom 10:1 Extract (750mg per serving)

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Ashwagandha Extract

Vitamin B12


Lion's Mane Mushroom 10:1 Extract (750mg per serving)

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Ashwagandha Extract

Vitamin B12

Created For Hospitality Operators, By Hospitality Operators

Welsh-born brothers Jesse and Ryan opened their beachside café together in 2021, and wanted to offer something different than the usual high street flat whites and lattes.

As big advocates for functional mushrooms already to help with focus and energy, Jesse and Ryan developed their own unique blends made for use behind the bar, and their customers loved them. 

Bloomin was born.

Increase Average Order Values & Gross Profits by Over 30%

Unlock 300% return per bottle. 75% margin, non-vatable.

bloomin boost jar

Standard Takeaway Coffee

Average order value


Gross profit (inc. VAT)


generic supplement bottle

Bloomin Takeaway Coffee

Average order value

£3.70 (+32%)

Gross profit (inc. VAT)

£2.13 (+33%)

Based on average UK takeaway coffee prices and costs; Bloomin Pumpshot ™ RRP £0.80-£1.00; Bloomin non VATable in the UK.

How to Use Bloomin

How to Use Bloomin


Unbox and setup your Bloomin Pumpshot™️, empty excess liquid & attach the free pump.


Add one Bloomin shot into the cup, then create your drink as usual: pour in your espresso and add frothed milk.


Serve and experience the amazing natural benefits of functional mushrooms!

Loved by 900+ Business Owners & Customers

Smiling woman holding a large bottle with a pump dispenser indoors.

“Our customers LOVE Bloomin products and we love being able to offer something so interesting to talk about aside from just coffee. Over half our customers now opt for it as an addition to their drinks”

Hariett, Owner of Into Nirvana

“I’m still shocked that I can’t taste the FOCUS in the coffee. Our customers love it”

Rob, Head Roaster at Red Roaster

"Mushroom coffees make up over 70% of our daily sales. Our customers can't get enough!"

Ryan, Owner of Grow&Grind

Bloomin in the Wild


What are functional mushrooms?

What is the shelf life of the blends?

What does the Lion’s Mane ‘Focus’ blend do?

What does the Reishi ‘Breathe’ blend do?

Will it affect the taste of my drink?

Do the mushrooms make you high?

How much money can you make from Bloomin shots?

How do I mix Bloomin into my regular menu?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee