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focus & breathe bundle

lion's mane / reishi superblends

2 x 750ml bottles / 93 x 8ml servings per bottle / 32p per serving



Boost your focus and clear brain fog with our Lion's Mane superblend 'Focus'. Ease stress, promote relaxation and improve sleep quality with our Reishi superblend 'Breathe'.


Promotes stress-free focus & mental clarity

Supports improved memory


Relaxes the nervous system & helps to regulate sleep patterns

Promotes relaxation by reducing stress hormones

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"I love including Focus in my daily routine, as being neuro-divergent, focus is something I can really struggle with."

Sarah Ann Macklin - ANutr

Sarah Ann Macklin - Registered Associate Nutritionist

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10:1 Dual-Extracted Mushrooms


Zero Sugar

Vegan & Gluten-Free


Paleo &

The Gold Standard for Quality

Powerful Synergistic Ingredients

The ingredients in our blends work in harmony to enhance your focus or help you relax and reduce stress.

Potent & Highly Absorbable

Our 10:1 dual mushroom extracts use 10 grams of mushroom per gram of extract for maximum effectiveness. The liquid form of the blend maximises absorption.

Made in Britain

All of our blends are formulated and produced in Britain, adhering to strict quality standards.

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